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Welcome to the Customer Services desk of the Feyenoord Fanshop Online. You will find the answers here to all the Frequently Asked Questions about our online store.


If this is your first time at Feyenoordfanshop.nl, then we recommend that you register first. Registration is completely without obligation and offers you numerous benefits. Once you have signed up, the next time you want to make a purchase you can simply login using your chosen password and user name. As soon as you have signed up, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with your chosen username and password.

Privacy & Security

The Feyenoord Fanshop Online uses your personal details to provide you with the best possible service and to complete the processing of your orders. Your details are never passed on to third parties. The Feyenoord Fanshop Online operates a standard shipping period of 24 hours for products in stock, unless it states otherwise in the description of the relevant product.


All listed prices are including 21% or 6% VAT. Printing - Articles with printing cannot be exchanged. - Player numbers are subject to change. 


If you do not wish to accept an article for any reason whatsoever, you have the right to return the article within fourteen (14) days after delivery, and to dissolve the agreement.

Return consignments

Return consignments will only be accepted on the condition the articles are undamaged and unused, and if they are still in the original packaging and any plastic seal wrapping is also intact (where reasonably possible). This naturally also applies for articles that have not been ordered or which have been delivered in a damaged condition. If an article is found to be damaged when it is returned, the Feyenoord Fanshop reserves the right to charge compensation for such. You should not return the articles directly to us, but call us during office hours on Helpdesk - 0900-1908 #1 #1. The Helpdesk will then tell you what you need to do. For more information about return consignments, see the detailed Returns Procedure. The Feyenoord Fanshop will pay the shipping charges for any return consignments that it accepts.  

In partnership with our payment transaction provider we offer the following payment methods:

- iDEAL (internet checkout, no transaction charges)

- Credit card - Eurocard/Mastercard and Visa (internet checkout, no transaction charges - your credit card will only be debited when you receive your goods) 

- PayPal (internet checkout, no transaction charges)

As soon as your payment has been received, the articles will be sent within the stated shipping period. All payment transactions will be carried out using a secure, encrypted connection. All the data will be deleted immediately after the transaction has been completed. 

Member’s Discount
•   This discount is not valid for articles that have already been offered at a discount price or in combination with other promotions. If you return discounted goods, you will only be refunded the amount that was actually paid.

•    Books and DVD's are excluded from the Member’s Discount.

•   You cannot get a discount for goods that have already been ordered.  

General terms and conditions
All orders that are placed are subject to the General Terms and Conditions. If you have any questions, call us during office hours on Helpdesk - 0900-1908 #1 #1.

Address details:

Feyenoord NV for enquiries about Feyenoord Fanshop Online
Van Zandvlietplein 3, 3077 AA Rotterdam
PO Box 9635
3077 AP Rotterdam 

Let us know if you are looking for an item that is currently not in stock. We will then see what we can do to help you. We are always glad to hear any comments or suggestions you might have about this website! 

Unfortunately, despite our best efforts problems do occur on occasion. Were you unable to find the answer you were looking for in our FAQ? And was our Customer Services desk also unable to help you with your problem? Then you can send a complaint to us by e-mail.

The complaint has to be in connection with products or services that you have received from Feyenoordfanshop.nl.

Do you have a complaint about something else to do with Feyenoord (i.e., not the Feyenoord Fanshop)? Then we suggest you contact the general Customer Services address of Feyenoord.nl.

For more information about the disputes settlement procedure you can also go to the website of the Home Shopping Disputes Committee at www.sgc.nl

Are you dissatisfied with the way your complaint has been dealt with by the Feyenoord Fanshop? Then you can submit a complaint to the:

Home Shopping Disputes Committee
PO Box 90600
2509 LP The Hague (www.sgc.nl).